Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teacher Certification and the Rhee Firings

Late last week, DC School Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee fired 250 teachers for a mix of poor performance and certification problems.  Details are still flowing in as to the exact numbers, but from what I can gather approximately 110 the teachers in question were dismissed on account of being uncertified.  

I'm particularly interested in hearing more details from Rhee and others as to the 110 with certification problems.  Were these teachers who were otherwise solid, or was "certification" simply a useful technicality to pink slip poor teachers?  Were these really the only 110 uncertified teachers in DC?  If not, what standard was used to pick these 110?  


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  1. This is fascinating indeed. Rhee has struck me as an educational leader with a no holds bar to cutting out ineffective teachers. I am wondering just how much she ties ineffectiveness with no certification. Someone in DC needs to see the correlation between good teaching and completion of certification programs. If such a relationship exists by all means I would back Rhee. However, if she's calling out these 110 as unfit because of their certification status, I have no doubt there are more of these teachers out there. Also, what is the law there for charter school teachers? Do they also have to be certified?